General Pediatric Plastic Surgery ​and Trauma


Our extensive training in trauma, general reconstruction, microsurgery, craniofacial surgery, and general surgery, makes our skill set ideal for addressing a wide variety of surgical problems and deformities. In many of these situations, you will be referred to us by your pediatrician, dermatologist, another surgeon, or we may be asked to see you in the ER after an injury. The details of the numerous possible procedures are too extensive to mention on this website. When we see you in the office we will come up with a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. A list of some of the treatments we offer includes:

  • Treatment of skin lesions such as: moles, cysts, dermoids, pilomatrixomas, keloids, and scars
  • Excision and reconstruction of congenital nevi (including the use of tissue expanders)
  • Removal of skin cancers/closure of skin cancer defects
  • Treatment of vascular malformations including hemangiomas and port wine stains
  • Laser treatment for various skin abnormalities
  • Coverage of wounds after trauma
  • Treatment of pediatric breast abnormalities (including gynecomastia surgery and breast reduction) ---for specific procedure details please visit our adult plastic surgery website,
  • Treatment of facial fractures/trauma
  • Treatment of hand fractures/trauma
  • Treatment of hand abnormalities
  • Treatment of complex craniofacial syndromes (Apert’s, Pfeiffer, Crouzon’s, Muenke etc.)
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