Here at UP Pediatric Plastic Surgery, we are a close-knit team with years of collective experience in all aspects of plastic surgery.  We love what we do, and it is our goal to bring you the best possible experience and put your mind at ease.  We realize that having a child with an illness or deformity can be extremely stressful and scary. We want you to feel as though all of your questions are answered, and you understand every aspect of your child’s treatment plan.  We begin with an initial consultation where we will evaluate your child, and address all of your concerns.  We will then obtain any further testing necessary, and this may also mean referring you to other specialists.  Next, we work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that takes into account all of your needs.  Above all, your child’s health and safety is important to us.  As such, all pre-surgery and post-surgery care is tailored to plan for a safe recovery and a successful post-surgery outcome for each patient.  For many of the diagnoses we treat, frequent trips to the office will be necessary, and we will be there every step of the way as your child grows and matures.  Additionally, depending on your child’s condition, you will have the option of participating in our craniofacial team.    Our team serves to coordinate care through the Woman’s Hospital of Texas for a wide variety of craniofacial conditions and syndromes which need the expertise of more than one specialist to be managed appropriately.  Team members include: Dr. Shitel Patel  and Dr. Jacqueline Wegge with craniofacial plastic surgery, Dr. Joseph Edmonds with ENT, Dr. Hector Garcia Marrero with ENT, Dr. James Albright with ENT, Dr. Bryan Boshart with orthodontics, and Rachel Whitney with speech pathology.  Being a part of the team helps streamline your child’s care and optimizes communication between the different specialties. We also have multiple other physicians within these specialties that we work with throughout Houston and Webster Texas.  Our ultimate goal is to help your child live a happy, healthy, and productive life.  We treat a wide variety of pediatric plastic surgery conditions, from skin lesions to complex craniofacial syndromes.  For many of these diagnoses, your child will need care from birth to adulthood, with multiple surgical procedures along the way.  Our extensive training in general surgery, plastic surgery, and craniofacial surgery has equipped us with the skill set necessary to provide you excellent care throughout this entire process.  We find it exciting and extremely rewarding to form long-lasting bonds and help guide you along this journey as your child grows and blossoms.  Please visit the “Diagnoses” section of the website to learn all about the treatments we offer.

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