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Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery

At Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Shitel Patel, MD, and Jacqueline Wegge, MD, form a close-knit team with years of collective experience in all aspects of pediatric plastic surgery. The primary goal of Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery is to help parents in Webster and Houston, Texas, find solutions for their children, enabling them to lead happy, normal lives long into the future.

To do this, the team emphasizes procedures that keep safety front and center, all while restoring function and appearance. The team of surgeons helps children and parents negotiate a number of issues, from cleft lips and palates to congenital ear abnormalities.

The plastic surgeons at Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery have extensive training in craniofacial techniques that minimize risk, and they’re always looking for solutions that provide parents with peace of mind and children with professional, compassionate care. All presurgery and postsurgery care is tailored to ensure a safe recovery and a successful outcome for each child.

To help parents gets the results they want in a timely manner, the team of plastic surgeons offers decreased wait times, scheduling appointments within a week, and sometimes even on the same day.

The personalized care at Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery underscores the importance of quality over quantity. The staff at the private practice stresses education and forms a partnership of trust and understanding with every parent that walks through the door, with the full understanding that any procedure can be a scary one when it comes to their child.

To learn more about the care at Up Pediatric Plastic Surgery, call or schedule a consultation using the online form.

Shitel Patel, MD

I’m a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specializing in Craniofacial Surgery. Since I was young, I always knew that my passion in life was to practice plastic surgery. I received my medical degree from the University of South Florida in 2007. I completed my Plastic Surgery Residency at UT Houston, and finished my studies in 2016, with a fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Additionally, I am board certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery.  During my residencies and fellowship, I trained alongside a wide array of talented surgeons. In 2016, I opened my own practice, Lift Plastic Surgery, to provide plastic surgery in Houston, TX. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of a profession that helps patients look and feel better. My patients appreciate my attention to detail, warm bedside manner, and professional integrity. My goal is to have form meet function so that each patient can have the best possible experience and outcome.

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Jacqueline Wegge, MD

I’m a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specializing in Craniofacial Surgery. It has been my goal to be a plastic surgeon as long as I can remember. I feel fortunate to have found a career that I love which can integrate both science and creativity! I received my medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria in 2008. I then completed a full five-year general surgery residency at MSU-KCMS/Western Michigan University, and have been board certified in general surgery since 2014. Subsequently, I completed my plastic surgery residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and then went on to finish a craniofacial fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern in 2017. Throughout my training, I was fortunate to learn from many great mentors and experts in our field. In 2017, I joined my colleague Dr. Patel at Lift Plastic Surgery to perform plastic surgery in the Houston, TX area. It is my goal to spend the time necessary to make every patient feel like they are safe, well-informed and an integral part of their own treatment plan. I understand that surgery can be a scary process, even for the most minor procedures, and I want every patient to enjoy their experience and feel as though they can be proud of their results. My extensive training and artistic eye provide a unique skill set and perspective to help you reach your ultimate goals.

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*Please note: the services above represent some of our specialties, but are NOT an all encompassing list of what we offer.

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